Monday, March 18, 2013

Caterpillar Book Reports

The students have been working hard the past month on these book reports. They included predictions, main characters, problems, solutions, settings, questions, and personal responses. They turned out GREAT!!

Macy's Day Parade Balloons

We have been working hard using our Comprehension Toolkit. Last week we read Balloons over Broadway. It is a book about how the Macy's Day Parade started. As part of our toolkit we used questioning and sequencing to create our own balloons for the parade.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Field Trip

We had such a great time on the field trip yesterday. Thank you to all those parents who chaperoned. Below are some of the activities the students participated in while at the Adventure Science Museum.
Joseph and Tavion watching themselves on the TV.

Preston being the camera man for Haley, Paris, and Kayla.

Haley, Kayla, and Paris presenting the weather forecast.

Preston the camera man

Isaiah putting together tanagrams.

Jubilee, Lorelai, and Ke'osha having a blast!

Autumn with her friends (and twin) in front of the planetarium entrance.

Everyone in the planetarium.

                                 Isaiah, Ke'osha, Lorelai, and Jubliee playing with the activity table.

Joseph, Tavion, Jasper, and Tyler shooting some hoops.

Sherlin (you can see her feet), Ari, and Sa'niya looking at their insides.

Ari and Sherlin switched for this photo.

Belle, Sophia, and Autumn in front of the dinosaurs.

Autumn helping Sophia in her wheelchair.

Tavion driving a car.

Joseph playing the piano.

Ashton riding Mrs. Frizzle's bus.

Jubliee and Lorelai in the windtunnel. Check out that wind speed - 78 MPH.

Sherlin being the camera woman.

Ari and Sa'niya being weather women.

Here I am as Mrs. Frizzle!

New Classroom Door...Hot Air Balloon!

We are now entering warmer weather, on some days, and so it was time for the penguin to go. Our new classroom door goes right along with the books we are reading with our Comprehension Toolkit.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Great American Mail Race

We received another letter yesterday. Haley's letter to Destin Elementary School arrived in the mail this week. The students were very excited to learn about the different aspects of this school and the things to do in Florida.


Timeline Project

The students worked very hard creating a timeline of their life.