Monday, November 12, 2012

Flat Ari

Flat Ari visited Georgia. She returned from Georgia with a lot of pictures of her adventures as well as Coke for all of the students in Ari's class.

November 9, 2012

Dear Mrs. Ussery,
Thanks for sending Flat Ari to visit with us.  Here is a few things we did while she was here visiting for the past month.
10/6/12 Flat Ari arrived in Powder Springs, Ga. (suburb of Atlanta near Six Flags theme park)
10/8/12 Flat Ari joined me at work (Mag Mutual Insurance Company) to help with filing, and with our annual United Way Campaign fundraiser in the Atlanta, Ga. Buckhead area. 
10/10/12 Flat Ari helped me celebrate my birthday at work and also once I got home.  She picked out some great cupcakes (Jilly’s Cupcakery in Roswell, Ga.) and joined us for dinner at Applebee’s. 
10/25/12 Flat Ari joined me at our Weight Watchers at work program.  Our Weight Watchers leader welcomed our guest to the meeting. 
10/25/12 Flat Ari went to the hair salon and got her hair done. 
10/27/12 Flat Ari went to early vote in Cobb County, Ga. (suburb of Atlanta) which took 3 hours and 30 minutes before we finally cast our ballot on a cold Saturday morning. 
10/28/12 Flat Ari went to a polo match at Chukkar Farms Polo Club in Alpharetta, Ga.  This was a fundraiser for Tomorrow’s Luminaries Foundation.  This foundation works with underserved students to provide and extraordinary opportunities in literacy and leadership.  This was our first time attending a polo match and a hat fashion show.
10/31/2012 Flat Ari was a tremendous help with Halloween decorations, costumes, and giving candy out to the kids from Sheltering Arms center.  We had an employee meeting where we were judged by our costumes and themes.  The Accounting department reenacted the “2012 Olympics.”

As you can see, we took lots of pictures for you to share with your class.  We are sad that Flat Ari has to go back to Hendersonville, TN.  We truly enjoyed her being here with us, and hope Ari will come back and visit soon!!
P.S.  The Accounting department won first place for our “2012 Olympics Theme”.  We will be having a pizza party in 2014 for our victory.  Please send Ari back for pizza.

Warm Regards,
Pamela & Kevin (Proud Godparents) 


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